About Us

The A&H Framing team is dedicated to living out the company’s core values of Respect, Quality, Teamwork, Health/Safety, and Radical Innovation in earning the distinction as leaders in the industry.

A&H's Core Values



  • We are a reliable supplier of quality products and services 
  • We are clear in what we say and do 
  • Efficiency defines our behavior, actions and results 
  • We take pride in our products and services 
  • We are committed to quality in every decision we make and action we take

One Team


  • We include customers and builders as part of our team 
  • We promote growth through innovation, learning and common goals 
  • We approach our work enthusiastically and take pride in our mutual accomplishments 
  • We maintain a supportive atmosphere to promote teamwork and communication

Health & Well being


  • We advocate safe work practices 
  • We provide OSHA Checks to promote overall wellness 
  • We consistently and continually strive to exceed company and industry health standards 
  • We promote a professional  and healthy work environment



  • We consistently treat others with kindness, honesty and courtesy 
  • We demonstrate respect for ourselves and those we serve through our attitude, appearance and performance 
  • We incorporate safety every day as we care for our employees, customers, neighbors, and environment 
  • We recognize and respect the rules and regulations we are asked to operate within

Our Associations